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My name is Jacob Lambert, Owner of JSL HOME REPAIR, LLC. 

Since 2016, with over 20 yrs experience in the construction field.


Here at JSL we strive to serve ALL of our communities

Construction needs. From the foundation to the Roof.

We are your one stop shop for all your construction needs.


To build long-lasting customer relationships resulting from an innovative, high-quality, safety-conscious construction experience.


To be the highest value provider of construction services and expertise in Southwest Ohio.


These simple values define JSL Home Repair, LLC

We don’t just say them; we live by them.


Who we are.

JSL Home Repair, LLC is a family of individuals encouraged to use their unique skillsets to create a dynamic team.

The quality that we deliver starts with the people we hire. Our team takes the initiative to provide excellent service and quickly adopt changes as needed during the construction process.


The foundation.

We believe that trust is the foundation that makes both team and client relationships strong.

Honest communication is vital to building long-lasting relationships with our team, our clients, and our trade partners. We provide consistent and upfront communication to facilitate trust in all interactions.


Building relationships.

We do the right thing all of the time and approach each project with the same tenacity and commitment to excellence.

We believe that actions do speak louder than words. We live by the principle that our team, clients, and trade partners deserve honesty, kindness, and respect.

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Our Team

We love building products for you




Nita keeps the team on task and moving forward. Her work ethic, knowledge, patience, and expertise give her a unique skill set that drives our goals forward.  Nita has over 25 yrs. experience in storm restoration. Traveling to many areas impacted by hail, hurricanes, tornados, floods, and wind.  This includes Ohio, Florida, Oklahoma, Chicago, West Virgina, Wyoming, and more.  She came back home to Ohio to be with her family.  Nita is always the smile in the office you love to see, and always ready to help others.



 Jake is originally from Clarksville Ohio.  He's been a part of the Wilmington community for the past 15 yrs. He Graduated from Clinton Massie High School.  Jake started roofing at 16, then went into foundation repair work. Ultimately leading him to start a general contracting company in 2016. Jake is a very hands-on owner and believes in second chances. He believes everyone has their own talents and have to enjoy the work they do. He loves being able to sit back after a completed project and be proud of what everyone created together. 

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